Additional info

Frame sizes

One can adapt the Varroa Controller to different frame sizes. The model VC03-XLarge is used for frames with a height up to 36cm, the model VC03-Standard is used for frames with a height up to 27cm.

Improvements for the user

After completing a questionnaire with our clients we identified the following issues:

  1. The clients are very satisfied with the machine and would buy it again.
  2. They wish a technical improvement, in that they would know what the machine is doing at any time, and when the heat treatment is finished.

We took these hints very seriously, to develop and test a new electronic unit. Since then, our Varroa Controller is equipped with a new user panel, delivering the following information to the user:

  • The remaining time of the ongoing treatment
  • The temperature status
  • The humidity status
  • In case of a problem, the user has a clear indication by means of an error code, e.g., E04 (Fill in water).


Varroa Controller use in locations with no electricity

In locations with no electricity supply the Varroa Controller can be operated with a generator. In this case we make the following recommendations:

  • For a stable operation of the Varroa Controller we recommend to use a generator capable of supplying at least 800 W.
  • Please make sure that your generator is equipped with a smoothing capacitor. This is needed to protect the electronic components of the Varroa Controller.
  • Please read and carefully follow the instructions for the use of your generator (e.g., user manual), especially regarding grounding and other safety measures.