Varroa Controller

"Excellent product which allows me to treat my hives chemical-free!"

DDr. Lukas Zeinler, Vienna.

Varroa Controller – new designs

The patented Varroa Controller is a quality product made in Austria, developed in 2008 is now available in the third generation.

The model VC03 is now available in three different sizes

VC03 - Standard accommodates 20 normal frames with a hight up to 27cm
VC03 - Light accommodates 10 tall frames with a hight up to 36cm or 20 narrow frames
VC03 - XLarge accommodates 20 tall frames with a hight up to 36cm or 40 narrow frames


The Varroa ControllerLight convinces with its low weight and space requirement. The VC-Light is small and large at the same time. Large since he accomodates frames with a hight up to 36cm and small since he is designed as a cube for easy storing.

The Varroa Controller - XLarge is the right device for larger apiaries with Dadant or other larger frames with a hight up to 36cm. Optional the device can be equipped in a way taht one can treat 40 narrow frames in one load.


All VC03-models comprise of a treatment chamber made out of stainless steel. The frame holders are also made aout of stainless steel and are easy to adjust to all possible frame widths.

The temperatur measurement is done with a specially calibrated precision sensor and the humidification is done with an ultra sonic evaporator. The complete treatment runs fully automatically.