Varroa Controller

"Excellent product which allows me to treat my hives chemical-free!"
Dr. Lukas Zeinler, Vienna.

Varroa Controller

Varroa Controller
Varroa Controller Light

VC03 - Light

The Varroa Controller Light is suitable for 10 frames with a height up to 36cm or for 20 narrow frames with a height up to 18cm. Its cube design allows easy storing, and it is therefore a handy model for beekeepers with a small number of colonies.

Size: 65x62x64cm, Weight: 30kg, Power: 400W

Varroa Controller VC03 - Standard

VC03 - Standard

The Varroa Controller Standard accommodates 20 normal frames with a height up to 27cm.

Size: 108x62x55cm, Weight: 40kg, Power: 700W

Varroa Controller VC03 - XLarge

VC03 - XLarge

The Varroa Controller-XLarge is the right device for beekeepers with a large number of hives. It is suitable for 20 larger frames with a height up to 36cm or 40 narrow frames.

Size: 108x62x64cm, Weight: 42kg, Power: 700W

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Additional information

Operational Manual
Manual VC02
Manual VC03
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Practical handbook on hyperthermia and the use of the Varroa Controller
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Varroa Controller Models and Duplex-Frameboxes

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