"While all my local colleagues had to start centrifuging and perform acid treatments due to high Varroa pressure, I was able to wait a bit longer before harvesting another 120 kg Waldhonig – because I did a hyperthermia treatment with the Varroa Controller in April this year. Many, many thanks!"

Hr. Knaak

Challenges - today and tomorrow

Warmer winters result in shorter or no disruption of the breeding cycle of the bees – this provides ideal development conditions for the Varroa mite.

The Colony Collapse Disorder Syndrome might be caused by viruses transmitted through the Varroa mite.

Classical chemical treatments against Varroa are less effective because the mite has become resistant to some of the chemicals used.

The overlapping of the honey harvesting period and the classical chemical-based treatments leads to a potential risk of contamination.

Bee keepers are “running out of time” or can not use late blooming seasons.

An effective treatment that can be applied early in the year is therefore required.