"I am always astonished how thoroughly they clean up the combs after the treatment. (Sick or damaged brood is also getting dropped out of the hive. Just always directly after a treatment and only temporarily). The bees seem to be much more vital."

Claudia Wüst, keeps 50 hives in the Canton Appenzell, Switzerland.

Advantages of heat treatment

With the Varroa controller a heat treatment against the Varroa mite is possible at the beginning of the beekeeping season (e.g., April / May).

This early treatment severely disrupts the reproduction cycle of the Varroa mite.

This early treatment helps keeping the Varroa population under critical levels over the beekeeping season, and brings the possibility of profiting from a late blooming season.

Obtaining high quality bee products due to absence of chemicals and residues is possible.

The thermal treatment allows for beekeeping without the use of chemicals.

This means:

Less stress for the bees and less stress for the beekeeper (better timing)