wabentasche_logo We have developed the Duplex-Wabentasche (Duplex Frame-box) so that beekeepers can easily reduce the number of breeding cells by caging the queen in only two frames (e.g., already in July). In this way it is possible to treat the breeding cells of up to 9 hives in two hours with the Varroa controller. The Duplex Frame-box also allows having hives without breeding cells for other further treatments. A detailed explanation on the Duplex-Wabentasche and its use is included in the new edition (2015) of the Manual of Hyperthermia (in German and Slovak only). Our Duplex-Wabentasche accommodates two frames, it is completely made of aluminum, and can easily be cleaned in the steam wax melting machine. wabentasche
The Duplex-Wabentasche is available in the following sizes: Zander, EHM/DNM, ÖBW, EHM-Jumbo, Dadant orig./Blatt/mod./US, and Zander-Jumbo. You can order the Duplex-Wabentasche in packages of three, six, nine, twelve or more units (multiples of three). The sales price depends on the number of units, as follows:


Zander, EHM/DNM,ÖBW Dadant orig./Blatt/mod./US, Zander- and EHM- Jumbo
from 3 pieces € 34,50/piece € 38,70 /piece
from 6 pieces € 32,00/piece € 36,40 /piece
from 12 pieces € 30,90/piece € 35,50 /piece
All prices include 20% VAT and are valid from 01.05.2019 until 31.12.2019. Separate shipping costs are not inculded in the above prices and will be calculated individually. Each Duplex-Wabentasche unit consists of five individual pieces, which are assembled by the user. This assembly is simple, requires no additional tools, and takes approx. 2 minutes per unit - see video above. For you orders please write to: info@varroa-controller.com, or call us: 01/40 35 611 30, and please use the form below: